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    Just got a question to ask, What are the differents between WinXp home and pro? I know that Pro is designed to work with networks a lot better than home, (I helped set it up at school to work with our windows 2000 servers) But people keep saying it is far better than Home and some people use it on there home pc's even though they only have one pc.
    Thanks for your help

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    From http://www.anandtech.com/guides/viewfaq.html?i=74

    Windows XP Professional Edition provides a strict superset of features, capabilities and functionality found in Windows XP Home Edition. As such, there is no real performance difference between the two versions, at least, not in a way that would affect the performance of any decent system.

    The best way to describe the differences between the two versions is to list what Home Edition is missing.

    Windows XP Home Edition lacks the following features in comparison with the Professional Edition:

    Remote Access Desktop
    Offline Files and folders
    SMP, or Multi-Processor Support
    Encrypting File System (EFS) for NTFS
    Access controls for files, folders, applications and other resources (NTFS Security features)
    Dynamic Disk Support
    Centralised Administration
    Group Policies
    Software Installation and Maintenance (automatic software installation, configuration, updates and removal)
    Internet Information Server and Personal Web Server
    Roaming User Profiles and Multiple Roaming
    Remote Installation Services and the entire IntelliMirror management services technologies
    Multi-Language User Interface
    Sysprep (System Preparation Utility) support
    Domain Membership on networks
    IPSec User Interface
    Simple TCP/IP services
    SAP Agent
    Client Service for Novell Netware
    Network Monitoring
    In addition, the following features, although available on the CDROM, are not installed by default:

    Automated System Recovery
    Fax Services
    If you feel that you can do without any of the features listed above, you should consider Windows XP Home Edition. If you do need the above features, then you should select Windows XP Professional.
    First thing came up with when I searched on google.com "winxp home pro difference."

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    Lol thanks, Sorry I have been a bit lazy today, Thanks for the info

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    I think that covers it.

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