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    Never bash a Balrog
    There--I've said it once or twice
    The Balrog will not like it,
    And it isn't very nice.

    No. never bash a Balrog,
    It's best to sneak away,
    Beat up on some orcs instead,
    And live another day.

    just a word to the wise.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    A BALROG??
    When all is said and done more is said than done!

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    Well, if it's the Balrog (The boxer) from the US version of the over-done, over-cloned Street Fighter 2 series, I guess it is best not to mess with him.

    Even at that, I have a question: Did I miss something?

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    Balrog is the firedemon who killed Gandalf (sort of) right?
    Double Dutch

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    its too warm for shrooms???
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    i'm scared!
    just like water off a duck\'s back... I AM HERE.

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    Unless of course your some kind of elf-lord, in which case continue bashing until it is dead.
    Elen alcarin ar gwath halla ná engwar.

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