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Thread: Migrate from *nix to Windows

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    Talking Migrate from *nix to Windows

    Was looking for something else that was *nix related and came accross this....

    Figured some people on this site might get a laugh out from the
    "why migrate...", "how to migrate...", and "success storied from migrating..."

    Click the link to begin the "journey"


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    Creating more business value is about lowering the total cost of computing, boosting return on investment, and helping companies achieve a faster time to market. Windows offers a lower overall total cost than UNIX. Many companies are learning that Windows is an even better investment than "free" Linux. Windows pays for itself faster than any other platform by lowering the long-term costs of application development, integration, and management, as well as reducing the amount of user training required.
    Funny, but it seems to me that mcse is a lot more expensive than any linux certifications. Plus you can get a hell of a lot of training to cover the cost of just one copy of Windows 2000 Advanced Server.

    Enterprises of all sizes need solid, long-term solutions for running their businesses. Microsoft has invested more into creating these enterprise computing abilities than any other vendor. Windows has all the attributes to qualify as the leading enterprise operating system platform-even when compared with UNIX.
    So basically microsoft is saying that on the enterprise level, their systems are not better than unix, but merely equal. Then what is the incentive to change? Higher cost?

    #3: Reliability. No business can afford server downtime. Significant improvements in the Windows 2000 system architecture help deliver higher uptime than either Windows NT or competitive systems.
    You notice that they dont say Unix or Linux specifically here, but rather "competitive operating systems", they would never hear the end of it if they did.

    #5: Performance. Have you ever complained that your server was running too fast? Probably not. Faster is better, but it doesn't have to be more expensive. According to the Transaction Processing Council , Windows 2000 Advanced Server delivers industry-leading performance for less than half the cost of the most scalable UNIX-based solution. In fact, Windows 2000 Advanced Server consistently ranks in the top ten
    No mention of linux and its costs here, Microsoft immediately declares its cheaper than high end unix though. It seems that they are wording this carefully to keep themselves from looking foolish, but its too late for that.
    Wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.
    --Ecclesiastes 10:19

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    Very good.
    In the "why migrate" section, there aren't real arguments, it's only the classic "we are better than UNIX. Why? Because we are better."
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    Very good. I believe Unix is better

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    What humoured me the most was this...

    #3: Reliability. No business can afford server downtime. Significant improvements in the Windows 2000 system architecture help deliver higher uptime than either Windows NT or competitive systems.


    #7: Manageability. As your business computing infrastructure expands, managing the increasingly complex set of resources often proves challenging. The Windows 2000 Server Family makes it easier to deploy, configure, and use advanced networking capabilities by providing centralized, customizable management services.
    Hmm... I thought the whole reason people went with Linux was that it was easier to manage, easier to configure (thanks to open source), never crashes.... (I could go on)

    Windows is: (ha ha)
    Better Business Value
    Greater Choice of Solutions
    Enterprise Computing Abilities

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    The one shop I worked for several years back, we had 11 unix servers and 13 NT servers. Standard operating procedure was to reboot the NT boxes once a week to make sure they didn't crash or hang.

    From what I hear nothings changed much. The key to Microsoft isn't a better product, just better marketing.

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    I work in a network operations center and I run the IDS for our region. Is it any surprise that a system that critical would run on a UNIX platform as opposed to a windows platform? They even told me once that they wanted to move the system to an NT platform. Guess what, it didn't happen. UNIX has proven itself to be a much more stable and reliable operating system than the M$ family of OS's. M$ knows that, the population that happens to be knowledgeable knows that. Why on earth someone would migrate to Windows from UNIX is beyond me. Personally I think that rebooting once a week (we do that too by the way) is the wrong way to go...

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