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Thread: Antipoints vs liberty of expression?

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    Antipoints vs liberty of expression?

    I post this thread here because, even if this text is about the site, it is not a suggestion, it's only a constatation of a failure in the AntiPoints system and an incitation to think to liberty of expression problems.

    Today, entering in AO I saw that my AntiPoints are grey, why? During the loading of my AntiPoint center I ask myself what I could have done to receive negs. In fact I have only post a message with a "french global opinion" into a famous thread called "for the hate of america" you can find at http://www.antionline.com/showthread...362#post544362

    After the first surprise (I posted this 3 weeks ago), I re-thought to an obvious failure in the AntiPoint system I have noticed since I am registred. If you have a lot of Antipoints,

    you can give your opinion without any limitation because some negs won't really hurt you. If you have only 10 AntiPoints, you will not tell all that you think because some negs could
    destroy your account. it is a real limitation of the liberty of expression.

    I think that it is a miror of the expression filters into our societies. Richs have power to speack, poors can only agree with them. Why are we obliged to reproduce this in all that we make (and AO is only a little example)?

    If you have an opinion about this subject, please post here.
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    How about you quit bitching, and start actually posting some helpful, on-topic, things to the site. Then you won't have to worry about AntiPoints, or your "free expression".

    Bitch Closed.

    erm, I mean.

    Thread Closed.

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