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Thread: Whose Best Interests are they looking out for?

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    Post Whose Best Interests are they looking out for?

    Did you know that a record of all the url's youve ever visited using IE are stored in your registry?
    Did you know that MS keeps files hidden so well in your computer that you cant view then with the Dos prompt, or by selecting to view all files including the hidden ones?

    Check out this article http://www.****microsoft.com/content...en-files.shtml to learn more.
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    Those bastards!

    Now my fiancée can find out I've been porn surfin' j/k

    That's good info to know for forensic officers trying to piece a crime together....

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    Indeed.. I've had trouble with my registry in the windows system and haven't figured out where it is.. It's a cool and intresting article none the less.

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    Naughty naughty Microsoft~! Thanks for the site.

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    While I dislike the way that Microsoft hid these little "features" in all of their products and forced them on everyone, I must say that they have been helpful more than once at my work. "Features" like this help us put away the people that surf child pornography from their work machines and think that they'll get away with it as long as they clear thir histories. These files help us prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that our IDS's packet captures were indeed sent from their machines and they don't stand a chance in court.

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    damn you index.dat
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    damn microsoft alwasy has to find a way to ruin my day :/
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