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Thread: MAC Address

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    MAC Address

    I saw a source code for a program somewhere, that using a series of ping and traceroute commands through vb could find a MAC Address from an IP. Now I've lost the source . If anybody knows where to find this source or knows how to do it in C, C++, C#, VB, or VS.NET it would be very much appreciated!

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    And what, pray tell, would you need someone's MAC address for? I don't have the source fora any such program and, honestly, don't think that something like that can be done using just ping and traceroute... It would take a lot more than just those two utilities in order to get someone's MAC address. And if you're asking this with any malicious intent, I'd recommend searching elsewhere.


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    It's impossible to get the MAC address of someone on a diffrent ethernet segment (using ip headers...) unless that host gives it's MAC away in an higher level protocol (like netbios or something... I believe blackice does something like that...)

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    I'm not trying to do anything with malicious intent, I'm simply in the search of knowledge.

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    If you have WINDOWS95/me you can do a search for netbios names

    Just run command prompt and type in

    NBTSTAT -A (then the IP address if you know it) then press return/enter.

    you will get something that looks like this

    Lana # 0:
    Node IpAddress: [xx.xx.xxx.xxx] Scope Id: []

    NetBIOS Remote Machine Name Table

    Name Type Status
    COMPUTER_NAME <00> UNIQUE Registered
    DOMAIN <00> GROUP Registered
    COMPUTER_NAME <03> UNIQUE Registered
    COMPUTER_NAME <03> UNIQUE Registered

    MAC Address = xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx

    Alot of people already know about this though
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    Mac address only exist from one hope to the next so unless the computer is on a local network or a progam like netbios sends you the info theres no way to get it.
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    What whoud you use the MAC adress to..... Maybe there are some exploits for it some buffer overflows... But i don't know them....


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