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    Xitami traversal exploits?

    Hey, are there any known traversal exploits for xitami servers? I recently set mine up, and just let it sit there on that default xitami page that is basically advertising for xitami. And I kept getting hits, I didn't know why. I got 225 in 2 hours whereas my friend doesn't get over 150 a month. So I checked the logs, and found this guy trying traversal exploits, not too smart either, he didn't use a proxy. I was just wondering, are there any working traversal exploits for xitami servers?? And are there any xitami add-ons??

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    Hmmm, Did you read my other post about ximian/mysql/php? I hope I answered your questions.....
    As for the transversal exploits there are a few, mostly dhttp transversal bugs...

    Hmmmm, And about those .inc files, they are php includes that work with web-portals, so instead of using a peice of code over and over again in php a person would just make an include and put it into the page.... Read more about them here and here and also here

    Hmmm, There are quite a few xitami add-ons available...

    Hope this helps you.... I found all of the answers using a few simpole google searches....

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