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Thread: Fun with winxp

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    Fun with winxp

    Just going threw some things and came across this. There is alot that can be changed from here but i wanted to inform about this one because you can have some fun with it. You can add a string to what is logged on websites. So now when people are going threw their log files they will see a creative or funny or maybe even mean message from you. I just thought it was kindof cool. Anyways if you want to do it

    Go to start and then run and type out gpedit.msc
    Now double click on windows settings and then internet explorer maintenance and then user agent string. From there you can type whatever you want
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    I have the perfect way to have fun with XP !! Get the CD and use it as a frisbee !! Watch that muther fly!!

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    I have the perfect way to have fun with XP !! Get the CD and use it as a frisbee !! Watch that muther fly!!
    that truly is fun, it works with all the different variety's of windows ya know? it works fairly well with those beautiful little AOL discs you get in the mail, "you've got...maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil" as the frisbee is on its way to point B, somewhere in your neighbor's yard
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    I use Xp and have'nt had any problems with it at all.Dispite the uproar by some over it having raw sockets.I disabled the Xp personal F/W because it annoyed me.And didn' seem to really do anything.

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    You also can change the background picture...
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