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Thread: AP for bad sigs moods etc.

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    AP for bad sigs moods etc.

    I think there should be a way to give people anti points for their sigs moods etc without killing threads. Perhaps a way to give AP in someones profile? or perhaps a form to fill out so that you can complain about someone then JP puts neg AP to the person this way making sure no stupid assignments are made. I say this cause i found some one with this mood:

    Mood: proud
    Reason: PLZ C0NT4CT M3 4T suicide_ bomber11 @hotmail .com F0R H3LP ON M4K1NG BATCH FILE BOMBS/TR OJANS

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    Wouldn't you just use the report button, and direct the attention to the Signature or Mood rather than posting a negative?

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    Just ask them nicely to change and if they don't just ignore it

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    aaah! an ap thread. i dunno redgore... in theory i like the idea, but i don't know if it is necessary. not that i pay attention to moods often
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    Well at looking at the sig I see one thing a kid attempting to shock someone in this case you Redgore. Have a bit of age on life is not shocking and god forbid I never hear 4 letter words, but tap my foot and ask ok come up with 5 letters. Points on a sig are lame, as spelling and grammer, heck some people here may not like a font type you use. Me well the point spread I have is 11% neg, things such as Spelling, Grammer, Font and I'm tired of your BS like that is some sort of input. Thing is there are like 100,000 members here and you dislike a sig, me I'm gonna neg you cause the site members are not here to please you and have a right to put their own sig, me I tend to look at the concept and content of what they are saying as best they can. Hope all people can have their moods and express things here as they please and that points never go plus or minus to someone over such silly things.
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    Interesting, but I'm opposing this idea. I think that APs should not be assigned on a mood/sig basis. It adds un-needed complexity, and most people would just find a random post and assign points there anyway.
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