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    Hi mom!
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    There's more information on this little script here.
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    I gave up on FDisk..

    Try the tools that come with the boot disks from this site..


    certainly have got me out of a bind or five..

    And when you have made the boot disk.. boot up ur machine and check out the partitioning tools..

    Have fun
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    I typed in the code U have given, but the resultant sequence of characters were not the same.So i quit debug and use BIOS idd hdd auto detection again. It seems that i can't boot from my 945mb windows happens. But using a boot floppy, i can see the contents of my c and d. then using mandrake, i created a 3gb win32 partition and 1.3 gb linux native + swap.

    Just another doubt. Now am running with a LILO. My mandrake does not have some packages not installed. If i tried to upgrade with packages option, does i overwrite thewhole boot sector information. I remember some day back that a reinstall of linux, on bootloader shows old linux as well as new linux.. which one shoud i remove if it happens so??

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