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Thread: Personal "favorites" list

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    Personal "favorites" list

    I tried to use the personal notepad today to store a link or two to a thread I wanted to save somewhere, as well as the link to a conference room.

    Unfortunately, it didn't convert the url to a link, so I just have this really long text string to copy and paste. Really not all that bad, but it made me think of something I'd personally like to see...

    An area where you can store up to X amount of personal links that are private to your account so you can quick jump to a certain forum, post you've bookmarked, conference room, etc.

    What do you guys think?

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    How about a "Go to the link" button next to each note in the note pad that contains a link? Would limit it to one link/note but anyway.
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    I had been thinking the same thing. It would be convient to have a link button rather than a long list to copy and paste.

    You can sort of do the same thing with subscribed threads but may not want to subscribe to each of them.

    So IMO I think it is a great idea!
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    Sounds like a really great idea~!

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    Good thinking, man!

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