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    The book ishmeal!

    Has anyone ever read the book "Ishmeal" by Daniel Quin?

    If so... what have you thought of it?

    Personaly I feel it's a good book for everyone to read. It has alot of strong points in it. However it is also a little bit off the wall, but let me know what you think! Incase you are unware this book has a website, but since you all know what google is you can find it for yourself

    Thank you,


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    I read it, and thought it was wonderfull. Very thought provoking, and often made me stop for a moment to think about the "truths" discussed in the book.

    I agree that it is a little off the wall. But it would be a very interesting dialog to have!

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    one of the best. i wouldn't recommend "my ishmael" - but "the story of b" is also a great read (takes things presented in ishmael to a higher level [whether that's a good thing or not i don't know]).

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    It is a little off the wall, but a good book nonetheless.

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