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Thread: Creating Apache SubDomains

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    Thanks man.. I hope it helped you.
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    I've a little question (well maybe not so little). Maybe it doesn't belong here, but can I use this stuff to make it redirect to my irc server on port 6667 somehow, like If it's a long long story don't botter, because then I just use
    Greets --neel/kwiep
    Double Dutch
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    if your IRC is on a specfic address, then yeah I wouldnt see why not. Integrated into a website, however, that I wouldn't know. I haven't tried it. It's worth a shot though.
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    JC, this is a really interesting tutorial, especially I am now setting up different test application servers on IIS and Apache (both obviously have advantages and disadvantages), this is indispensable in a hurry. However, I have a quick question for you regarding setting up and admin'ing an Apache server:

    I downloaded a web front end called "Webmin" and lets you set up not only Apache, but Postgre, Samba and the like. Are these tools a good idea to use, or should I stick with the manual admin'ing?

    thanks JC
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    Well, can you link me to where I can download it and I'll give 'er a run. So far though, I prefer manual admin'ing. Im used to it and I work VERY well with apache and know LOADS of features to add onto Apache. But, link me and I'll download it and see it.
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    Here's the link to it:

    And the homepage gives you more info. Since I am pretty new to Apache and how it works (especially MySQL under it, VERY diffrent than Windows version), I will be sure to PM you to ask questions and the like if HOWTO's and other docs are not clear. Thanks again.
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    Okay, after reviewing it, I still say that manually admin'ing it is the way to go.
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    The biggest downfall with webmin is its resource extensive on your server. Especially the Java based file manager. Stick with SSH if at all possible.

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    It has a java based file manager? Heh, I agree, stick with SSH. Again, I can only recommend Manual Admin'ing
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    For development and testing you can use port numbers instead, which is less admin overhead than separate DNS records because you don't need to change the DNS, use something like

    Listen 8081
    <VirtualHost _DEFAULT_:8081>
    DocumentRoot "/my/lovely/web/site/root"

    Which you can do for as many port numbers as you like (within reason)
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