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Thread: A Basic UNIX Tutorial

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    A Basic UNIX Tutorial

    This is not an Original. This was created by the Idaho State University Computer Center.

    This is a great tutorial for anyone that is looking to expand their knowledge in Unix. If you feel this thread belongs in another Forum, please let me know, and I will ask JP to relocate it. Thank you.


    Table of Contents

    What Is UNIX?
    -----A broad description of the UNIX operating system.

    Accessing UNIX Systems
    -----General methods of accessing UNIX computers.

    Logging In and Logging Out
    -----Gaining access to your UNIX account.

    The UNIX Shell
    -----How to enter UNIX commands.

    Files and Directories
    -----Storing and manipulating files.

    Input/Ouput Redirection
    -----How to manage input and ouput.

    Pipelines and Filters
    -----Creating processing pipelines.

    Processes and Multitasking
    -----Managing processes.

    Interaction and Job Control
    -----More on managing processes.

    Text Editing with Emacs
    -----Creating and editing text files with the emacs editor.

    The Execution Environment
    -----The environment under which shell commands and programs run.

    Customizing the Shell
    -----Personalizing your UNIX shell environment.

    Interactive Use of the Shell
    -----Tips and tricks to enhance your efficiency with the command line interface.

    The UNIX Filesystem
    -----A closer look at UNIX files and directories.

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    Thank you for the link, FakeBoy

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