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Thread: Windows XP and tracking illegal software

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    Windows XP and tracking illegal software

    I'm sure I read somewhere that Microsoft searches your computer for copied programs whenever you connect to the net, and disables them if they find any.
    Is this right?

    Quite an invasion of privacy if it's true...

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    They monitor your software, and restrict updates to pirated software, but I have not heard of any programs actually being disabled. However, they are trying to set the new Windows Update to disable your version of XP if it is not legit.

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    Yes, they reserve the right to take such measures as stated in the EULA:

    ...There are technological measures in this Product that are designed to prevent unlicensed or illegal use of the Product. You agree that we may use those measures.
    However, it does not really say how they will take such measures. In recent articles and statements made my Micorsoft, many are concerned over the activation routines, how data is collected, what data is collected, and what measures are being taken to take users' privacy seriously while at the same time how they will manage pirates. MS said a while back it's activation only deters "casual copying," as stated in this FAQ at M$:


    In a recent service pack for WindowsXP, it will not allow updates on pirated versions with the known blacklisted key (I think it was the DevilsOwn pirate group) and is stated here:


    Microsoft's controversial Windows Product Activation (WPA) technology is also seeing two minor modifications in XP SP1, neither of which will affect any legitimate users. First, the company discovered that the majority of pirated XP copies out there are tied to single volume license product key. So Microsoft has alerted the company about the problem, changed their key, and disabled it for use after SP1. So anyone using this pirated key will be unable to upgrade to SP1 or any future updates via Windows Update, Sullivan said.
    So, from what I read, there is no evidence of MS disabling any programs if they are known to be pirated, but measures are being taken, albiet slowly, to deter pirated versions from being used.

    IMHO in all of this, I do not trust what M$ is up to, and I do think they are monitoring in some way. Call me paranoid, but that is what is keeping me from upgrading, even legitimately. I look at it this way: If I am gonna have to jump through all these hoops to conform because others are not honest, it is the honest man that has to conform, not the pirate because the pirate is not going to conform anyway.

    For the short answer, read Fakeboy's post

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    haha, i heard of a virus of sorts designed for Word (circa 1990+), if its not ligit it removed word and removes all word files, but it removed a managers files even though his version was ligit, and killed

    {sure it was a macro vx} sry i dont have any links

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