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Thread: File transfer help

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    File transfer help

    Hi, can anyone help me, i use windows 98, i know my computers ip address, but i want to delete something from my computer using another computer, can anyone tell me how to do that. Do i use a program and if so where can i download it.

    Please help Thanks!

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    If this is a legit situation you can load PCAnywhere onto the system, and have remote access available, but you should becareful how your word your questions. Stating that you have an IP address and want to delete something off a system makes you look very shady.

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    are you on a network or at a remote location?
    if on a network, it shoudnn't be too hard, depending on what settings you have on your computer. if remote, you might have to configure both ends.

    here is an article on remote admin tools

    here is some script for remote admin

    here is an ftp solution

    hope these were helpful.
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    I'd download a TELNET client or FTP client available for Win98 and install it on the other computer.

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    File Transfer Help

    Of course, all of the options that spring to mind, such as loading PC Anywhere or VNC, setting up file sharing, etc, all rely on being able to actually install software or modify the computer at the remote location.

    But then again, if you have physical access to the remote computer, why do you really need to access it over the internet?

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    Originally posted here by jethro
    I'd download a TELNET client or FTP client available for Win98 and install it on the other computer.

    Agreed, but in order to do that u must run a Telnet or FTP Service on that Win98 Machine, and im not sure if that person would know how to set that up, i also suggest a simple program such as PC Anywhere.

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    PC Anywhere is great, but VNC http://www.uk.research.att.com/vnc/ and Microsoft's NetMeeting http://www.microsoft.com/windows/netmeeting/download/ will both allow you to do the same thing and they're free.

    I wouldn't suggest setting up an FTP server unless you know what you're doing. An improperly configured FTP server can open up your system to security breaches. You could easily be exposing much of your data without even knowing it. VNC and NetMeeting are much easier to configure and use.

    Good luck!
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    Sounds like you are trying to do something illegal again.

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