A tool by the name of Brutus has quickly become one of the best password crackers on the internet, along with Unix's Crack, Nt's NTCrack, John the Ripper, and The L0pht Crack Series. But unlike those password crackers this one is complely remote based.
Brutus can remotely crack SMB (netbios), telnet auth, HTTP Basic Auth, HTTP Form, POP3, and FTP sessions via brute force attacks. Brutus also has the ability to you to create more BAD or Brutus Application Definition these are custom attacks on Remote applications.

To do this you have to Define the Sequence this is done by going into the dropdown bar labled "Type" then clicking "Custom" This will cause a new button to appear in the Authentication area of the program it's labled"Define Sequence". When you Click it a box appears named Brutus - Authentication Definiton Sequence

As you can see it has Many options to create custom BAD files.

Here are some more screen shots of the program

This is the Main Application Window.


Brutus's Wordlist Generator

Brutus's Brute Force Generator

I hope that you have found this useful or at least interesting.