kurt_der_koenig...re-read the pic. It doesn't mean anything. It is telling you that someone attempted to connect to sub seven on your computer. That does not mean you are infected. Your message could have appeared for many reasons.

Also - for everyone that is moaning about the file being a virus - why don't you find an alternative source for the download. I know I wouldn't download a binary off any forum, even AO, unless I was absolutely sure about the person sending it. If someone suggested a program to me and were not willing to send the source, I would not download it from them and would seek out a website for the program, or some other download.

[edit] And for the antivirus lovers: just because you scanned the file and your AV doesn't find any viruses, doesn't mean that there isn't a virus in the file. It is possible that the virus might not have been detected by the AV companies before, and therefore there is no definition for it for the scanner.[/edit]