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Thread: i'm back, and things look different

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    i'm back, and things look different

    Hello all! I have been away from home for the past month or so and I'm just glad to be back. I noticed a lot of changes to the site. It looks better to me. Once again, I'll just say that I'm glad to be a member of one of the only boards online that is flame-free (mostly), AO!
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    er, welcome back :-)
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    Welcome back....

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    I have been gone since Febuary. And WOW! All the changes! Just a little recap...I came by this place by accident sometime last year. I was bored and upset with the way the internet had become and so I just typed www.antionline.com into the address bar on the browser, not thinking it would hold anything special, and jeezus was I ever wrong! This has been a sort of paradise where I could finally feel I belong. People here didn't care that I didn't know all the answers to everything. I felt like I could ask questions without getting flamed(too much) for asking stupid questions. And I could finally answer a question without people noticing how insipiduosly dumb my answers might have been. John has been a great insiration to me, and I've made a few friends. MsMittens is totally awesome. She made me realize, through my previous chovanism (i'm no good at spelling today, help me out), that there are just as many women in love with linux as there are guys that do. stflook became a person I could call a friend right off the bat. So smart for a highschool kid. The thing I like about him the most? He seems to hate highschool so much, but keeps going. If only I could have a chance to show and teach him what I have learned so far since I have been gone. STFLOOK! WHERE ARE YOU?! And all the other people that I can't mention, for if I do, I might just lose a finger due to exhaustion of typing too much....thanks everyone....and welcome back Budda to this awesome hole in the wall!
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    >nods< um, okay...

    Welcome back to the "little hole in the wall."

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    Originally posted here by alittlebitnumb
    Welcome back to the &quot;little hole in the wall.&quot;
    Since when could I withdraw cash from this place?

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    oh the changes.... but all for the better
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    Welcome back~!

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    welcome back technologybuda and tripstone
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