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Thread: Ever used "Gimp"?

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    Ever used "Gimp"?

    Has anyone ever used Gimp, is it better than PSP or AppleWorks?

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    yes I have used it, I have not used PSP so i don't know about that, but I have used Adobe Photo Delux. I like gimp beter then Adobe's products for a few reasons, one being gimp is free and so are its filters, and if you have used Adobe photo delux it does not have a wide selection of plugin filters, I have hered Adobe photo shop is beter for filter selections. And so for me to get Eye candy filters I must pay money, so rather paying money for filters I like gimp. Also I like the GUI that gimp has. It seems to suport many more features.

    Gimp has also been ported to work in Windows, though when I tryed it, it crashed with a graphics error. So yes I prefer gimp rather then other profecinal image manipulation programs. I gues it is all a mater of prefernce.
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    I've used several professional graphic tools, and I honestly must say that I'm most comfortable with Adobe Photoshop. However, Adobe is very expensive. When it comes to free graphics utilities, I haven't found anything better than the Gimp. In the right hands it is a very capable package.
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    personally, i like PS quite alot. on the otherhand i have run into people who are absolutely in LOVE with gimp. my advice would be to give gimp a shot cause i'm pretty sure you can do just about everything you can with PS in gimp, its free, and if you try it and decide you dont really like it you haven't waisted any money

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    gimp is the best paint tool if you look @ it from the Price/Quality angle.

    Free, flexible and stable...

    There is also a new MacOSX version out, wich I'll be testing later this week.
    I hope it'll rock as much as the linux version does...
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