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    My AV is up to date every week, and I scan everything I download. It just keeps amazing me how I get those alerts. Time to start migrating everything to Linux...

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    Re: Trojans disabling anti-virus?

    Recommend you to use Antiy Ghoustbusters Professional Edition

    Download Site:http://www.antiy.net/ghostbusters/agb3.exe

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    You have received some great info.

    I just tried Anti-Trojan. It scans your registry, all ports, and of course all the files on your hard drive.


    Oh! And you get 15 free days of full program capabilities.

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    The only bad thing about Norton AV is that it is so widespread and popular it is most commonly tried to corrupt with viruses and trojans. BUT if you scan everything you download and/or run that auto-protect and live-update often, you will be safe.

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    go here, http://www.moosoft.com/ , to get a trojan cleaner.
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    there are some trojans specifically designed to disable AV and/or firewalls in preperation for sub7 ,netbus etc.. in order to avoid detection.

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    AV/AT-disabling malware

    ->There are indeed malware that can bypass/disable firewalls, and thats another reason to keep your antiviral updated/upgraded often. And, as with anything, you should shop around for the best you can get in such programs. Malware that can bypass/disable firewalls include Theef, Cyberspy, Helios, f17, Armageddon, MoSucker, and on and on... in fact a wide array of them, old and new, are our there. Most have been incorporated (I would hope) into current virus/trojan definitions for your AV/AT programs, but vigiliance is key. Makes me wonder: If you are running dual firewalls, and are therefor "invisible" on the net, and you are being scanned repeatedly... it seems unlikely its a random scan you are detecting... perhaps someone knows who you are and is targetting you.
    ->I don't know as I am no expert, learning myself. Any ideas?
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    dont feel protected by norton *cough*damn newbies here *cough* ......
    norton sux ....
    use kasperky avp .....
    norton sux because cant detect packed trojans , like all av , exept avp ......
    u can disable av , but where is the utility ? most of you use personal crap antivirus and we can go thought ....
    the only which should be potentialy disabled is firewall , but its more fun to find what firewall is installed , disable then emulate it ( exemple the animated icon of zonealarm )....
    change antivirus now guys ....
    trojans CAN disable avs / fw and whatever the programmer wants ....

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