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Thread: Hi, im a newbie!

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    Hi, im a newbie!

    Hello! my name is clonak ( clone-ak). i am new to this site and it seems pretty lame! ever been to the HDC (hackers.com) well it is just like this but WWAAYY better! this was just copyed offa the HDC but made really lame!!!

    later! unlame clonak!

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    d00d, if i had +10 more points....

    waits for flame, im not even going to bother..

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    Thumbs down DIE DIE DIE

    Ummm do u see pro hacker written anywhere on this site??? anyway hackers.com has too many broken links to even be considered a site. boy if i knew how to use linux...... well i wouldnt do anyhting but thats not the point... we are pro security and its people like you that will eventually step in a big pile of cyber $hit.. thats all i gotta say..
    I feel deprived because microsoft blinded me of a true OS like linux by hiding windows with \"easy\" features and a simple to use install interface. its OS\'s like linux that make this world a better place.

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    Number one this site is for protecting your computer against hack attacks not for teaching script kiddies how to hack if you like Hackers.com go back there where you belong. Maybe they will show you what happens when someone hacks you computer.
    No good deed goes unpunished.

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    LMAO.. ok first.. HDC is nothing and i mean nothing like AO..
    AO has its strength on its forums.. HDC on the other hand uses NEWS and Tuts.. (which is most of the time out-dated) forums?? dun get me started.. latest talk of the town.. was last month's news here.. the ONLY advantage HDC has is they have their own hackers doing exploits for them.. reporting vulnerabilities and other stuff.. which is sometimes a blow-back since what they could discover was already known ages ago.. HDC's talk of the town is AO's last month's news.. in brief.. i know this very well since ive been an HDC member for god knows when.. and i still am now.. and dont bother looking for my nick there coz its been so old that i didnt use the handle "s0nIc" back then.. and note.. AO's been kicking ass in php and HDC was still crawling in HTML.. need i say more??

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