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Thread: secureNT

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    someone knows how to bypass secureNT?

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    /me dons flame proof pants... And it seems I'm the first to find this thread. Oh good.

    Ok, kiddie - just to explain (cos you obviously ain't read the FAQ). This is a security website. And boy is it ever gonna get warm in this thread! I'd try signing up under a differnebt handle if I were you - cos your current account is about to go down the toilet.
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    Just about the size of it youngster1337
    I have a question; are you the bug, or the windshield?

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    Yep. someone knows how. Obviously its not you. Go someplace where the kiddies will show you what they dont know, give you the tools ... er sorry 1337 toolz that make you a "uber1337 h4><or" (and the trojan of their choice) and make you think you are a god, until you run into a real hacker, ATTEMPT some lame sh*t on his/her machine, get caught in the logs (yes the logs, the things the sysadmins check when they are either having a problem or are BORED, like me) and then do one of two things, get your a$$ turned in by them to your ISP or get your a$$ blasted off the net.

    Keep hacking. Im sure if you are trying to "bypass SecureNT" the sysadmin is watching.
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    Lightbulb Secure NT

    Me Thinks that is an oxymoron!!!!

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    Yeah! become the admin.
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