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    Sirex, try to find the page URL and post it. I'd like to see how they did it, too. I've thought of several ways that might work for an effect similar to what you describe, but if I saw the exact page, I'd be able to tell for sure.

    Alexzel, I was mainly just teasing you. But, you have to admit there's a prevalent idea in computer circles that you have to have the latest, greatest everything, ya know?

    As for NEVER using rollovers... that's personal style, I guess. I use them modestly myself. Anyway, almost every browser in use supports them, so that shouldn't be a factor, and many other commonly used web development technologies (like database generated pages in ASP) put much more load on the server than a few rollovers. And, as more and more people have high speed connections, download time tends to be less of an issue for many web developers. All in all, personal style.

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    i believe you would want dhtml, its fast loading and very custumizable. just tell me wut you would like, and..i shall either find it, or create it, or modify an older script. shout it out..

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