Hi Everyone,

I usually run a virus scan every two weeks. But my subscription ran out for Norton Antivirus 2001. So for a few weeks I didn't have any virus checking software. Recently i installed fix-it utillities which has a virus scanner on it. I went ahead an ran the scan, and found BKDR_LATINUS.15. I told the program to delete, but it couldn't. So, I went online and looked up some info on google. This is the description Found:
This server program backdoor malware enables a remote user running its client program access to its infected computer. It drops a MSHTML.EXE file in the %WINDOWS% directory (%Windows% is usually the C:\Windows directory).
Then I found out how to remove it:

Click Start>Run, type Regedit then hit the Enter key.
In the left panel, double click the following:
In the right panel, look for and then delete this registry value:
Close the Registry.
Restart your system.
Scan your system with Trend Micro antivirus and delete all files detected as BKDR_LATINUS.15.
Problem being is that when i get to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Software>Microsoft>Windows
there is no MS-HTML
the virus was found in Result:
Virus found: BKDR_LATINUS.15
In File: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\svrload.exe
Requested action: Remove virus.
Result: Failed. Virus removal failed for unspecified reasons.
The reason it failed is because as you can see a windows system program. and is running upon boot up. So if anyone has anyother info other than reformat and forget it, I would appreciate it. For those of you would dont respond, thank you for taking the time to read this.
For those of you who do respond. You are the best this world has to offer and should be treated as gods. heheheh
I would also like to thank you for any Grammer and Speling errors. lol

P.S. I also checked to see when the file was last modified. and it said 1/11/1990. I am using Win Me. It just dosn't sound right.