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Thread: free tv?

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    free tv?

    Television viewers could face paying for channels they now receive free if digital video recorders kill commercials, said Jamie Kellner, chairman of Turner Broadcasting System.

    There was an earlier article on this subject,


    but this is an update.
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    Im sure that our government 'of the people', the people who grease their palms, that is, will declare broadcasts in any media, 'intellectual property' subject to copy write laws and therefore not to be modified or reproduced, in a manner not intended by its creator. Anyone modifying the content, in any manner, will be considered a terrorist under the patriot act, for the defacement of said articles, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
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    Just remember that if you pee, go get snacks or talk to someone during a commercial break on TV you are in violation of the DMCA soo given this why not use Turner broadcasting as a public restroom? These people starting with MS want to take everyone back to 1950 where we are supposed to sit mindless and see ads that have nothing to do with what we actually buy. Do you know that the law for TV stations to go digital that they are supposed to give back to the public domain those frequency's, think they will not on your life. Web is not TV but they use the same excuse lets take public property and let it make a profit for our company. In TV is why PBS was born. Smae factors are now in place to take over the web under a lame law that should have never passed. But is used against the public for private corps to profit off of what belongs to everyone. Ok my rant for the day
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    I heard about this. Thanks for the update.

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    **SIGH** Anything for a buck.

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    Typical mentality for corporate America here.....I missed the boat on this new technology, so lets get a team of lobbyists ( or lawyers ) together and throw all kinds of cash at Congress ( or the court system ) so we can preserve the status quo. This country ( USA ) has AWAYS been in a state of change, and that includes it's economy. Thats part of what makes it a great country. Anyone seen a carriage or buggy manufacturer lately? Of course not...although a few do still exist....the horse and buggy are mostly gone from everyday life. Fischer Carriage became Fischer Body, is now part of GM, and makes car bodies. They ADAPTED....they didn't tell Congress that the internal combustion engine was evil and had to be banned because it cut into their revenue stream. The transportation industry evolved and we are all better off for it ( unless you throw global warming and enviromental issues into the mix ). The point is, we cannot let corporate greed stifle technological innovation. If we do, then our economy is toast and our form of government becomes a joke. Or maybe I should say it becomes a bigger joke. Regardless, if we let this type of censorship (technological) continue, we and our personal freedoms are in deep trouble. Just my humble opinion.
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    This may sound like a stupid statement, but I live in the middle of the sticks, and without basic cable. I cannot get any channels. Seriously, I am TVless without cable. Next, I have to pay $30 for the channels someone in the city would get for free. You know your local channels. Then I have to pay another $20 for some additional expanded channels. So would this pay for TV have increase in the basic cable service? I really don't get that, because the way I look at it is..... I'm already paying for TV.........

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    Corporate BS

    They need to take a step back, retool, and move forward. I find it hard to believe that the marketing departments can't find a profitable alternative to tv advertising as it is today. Branding and product placement are two that come to mind, and are probably more effective than the tradition commericial.
    I think this is more of gauge the reaction type thing - it would be much easier to just charge a fee than actually use a creative alternative.
    Honestly, if (~$40/mo x >100 million subscribers) + Advert. Revenue (whatever that may be) isn't enough money to go around then maybe someone's salary is too high.

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    Here is a link to some analysis of the "patriot act" as mentioned above by Tedob1. This act has already been used recently to convict a new jersey mobster of running a gambling ring. The bill got hurried through congress after sept 11th, and to me looks like there are multiple infringements on our rights that we have thus far taken for granted. I could have started a new thread for this, but I wanted to provide info on this per the reference above.

    Government spying on suspected computer trespassers with no need for court order. Sec. 217.
    Adding samples to DNA database for those convicted of "any crime of violence." Sec. 503. The provision adds collection of DNA for terrorists, but then inexplicably also adds collection for the broad, non-terrorist category of "any crime of violence."
    Wiretaps now allowed for suspected violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. This includes anyone suspected of "exceeding the authority" of a computer used in interstate commerce, causing over $5000 worth of combined damage.
    Dramatic increases to the scope and penalties of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. This includes: 1) raising the maximum penalty for violations to 10 years (from 5) for a first offense and 20 years (from 10) for a second offense; 2) ensuring that violators only need to intend to cause damage generally, not intend to cause damage or other specified harm over the $5,000 statutory damage threshold; 3) allows aggregation of damages to different computers over a year to reach the $5,000 threshold; 4) enhance punishment for violations involving any (not just $5,000) damage to a government computer involved in criminal justice or the military; 5) include damage to foreign computers involved in US interstate commerce; 6) include state law offenses as priors for sentencing; 7) expand definition of loss to expressly include time spent investigating, responding, for damage assessment and for restoration.

    More here....http://www.eff.org/Privacy/Surveilla..._analysis.html
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    yes who cares...no one will be interested in this for years...it is boring...everyone is used to being spied on and civil liberties not always there

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