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    IRCD UPDATE!!! <- need help!

    heres what i need

    lets see if any of u can help..

    i = syckphreak
    Yanush = ircD im trying to convince to change to a better ircD

    <YaNuSH> find a db convertor from hybserv 2 other services and i'll upgrade 1 week later
    <syckphreak> is that a promise?
    <syckphreak> 2.8 correct ?
    <YaNuSH> indeed
    <YaNuSH> and yes, that's a promise
    <syckphreak> hmm
    <syckphreak> ill take u up on that
    <YaNuSH> conversion 2 any of these services - ircservices, epona, magick (or whatever looks like it on stracture)
    <syckphreak> tell me
    <syckphreak> exactly what u need
    <YaNuSH> i need 2 convert nick and chan db
    <YaNuSH> not mroe...

    the ircD used is 2.8/hybrid-6b120(20000131_2). irc05.icq.com ACHiIMpYZ TS3ow

    Any help would be great, I need links and other such things and nothing that may not help... i need great help on this and itll mean A LOT to me! +greens to anyone who can help me with this by far!!


    Oh... and this also

    <YaNuSH> or, i 4got 2 tell u...
    <YaNuSH> passwords are md5 encrypted
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    hybrid's an ok ircd.

    Try your chances with Unreal or Bahamut.

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    i use unreal...and it has yet to f**k up on me....i haven't figured out services right...or been able to make a succesful like with some of my freinds....but that just might be me...
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    I personally use a little IRCD on Windows called BewareIRCD, go to http://www.beware.d2g.com/ to find it.

    I'm not sure it will help you because it is only on Win and the congigurations possibilities are not biggest. But in the eventuality that it could help you...
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    I have found the site http://www.wircds.net searching another thing on the net.
    I hope it will be more usefull than my yesterday's post.
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    There is another ircd is IRCplus http://www.ircplus.com is pretty good
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