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Thread: Funnys Of The Net

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    Funnys Of The Net

    I was bored and looking at old links i saved cause of their humor and these are what i came up with and how i rated them : )

    Are You INSANE? <- A test , if u laugh within the 30 seconds of looking at the picture and hearing the sounds u are legaly insane... to this day i am still yet to prove i am not insane, i give it a 4/5

    WEEEEEEE! ... This is just so damn funny.. i never laughed at the words gonads and strafe before... but this sure as hell did make me, 5/5

    Just Weird <- this is jus weird and shows u what people will waste their time with... 2/5

    Does spiderman make you gay? <- this is spiderman danceing with a funny ass mp3 playing in the background... this made me cry when i saw it... 5/5

    Funny 4/5





    Im getting packeted pretty bad right now so i gotta post this instead of putting more into this port lol damn script kiddies hate me eh? ;)

    If u have any funny links please add them here and lets all get a good laugh to start off after this weekend drawls to a end...


    PS - attached my fav pic of yoda also!
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    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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