Sorry for all these asm questions, I just learned of a method in assembly language where you can print strings to the display by moveing them byte by byte into video memory at location 0B800h, I am learning this at

It mentions 80x25 text mode, and in that mode, 4000 bytes of video memory at location B800:0000 can be used, I wrote my own program afterreading the example. If i start MS-DOS and move to the directory where my program resides, and I assemble and link with TASM and TLINK. No problems assembling or linking, I then type the name of the program and hit enter, it prints a blank line to the screen. So I figured maybe B800 is the wrong memory location, I pondered and played with my code for about a hour, still blank lines, I then tryed to asemble their example, and still blank lines, I I went back to the tutorial, I read about the video mode and figured maybe dos dont use that mode, then for some strange reason I decided to open windows explorer, and find my program and double click it, WOW it worked! so it must be something to do with the video mode, I then found theis site

I read the entire page, it apears there are difernt video modes, and i was useing 80x24 text mode.

My question is how come my program will work by double clicking the Icon, yet if I try to launch it from DOS all i get is a blank line???