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    AntiOnline's Project Wargame

    Where can I get information on this. I did a search and came up with a suicidal thread that had information in it. However, the way they were talking in the tread, it seems there is another thread with all the basic information. This seems like it is something way out of my league, but I would be interested in reading about it.

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    If Project Wargame's down, just search Google for some other wargames. There are tons out there. You could also ask some people in IRC or do a search of the archives, for there are plenty of AO members who enjoy them.


    PS: I recommend getting used to using the "quote" feature when you make a post that quotes a source. It makes it easier to read. Otherwise, at least mark somehow (maybe with quotation marks?) what the quote is. It's sometimes difficult to see what are your words and what are other's words.

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    Im not say what happened was right or wrong, but:

    this guy devotes a directory on a public server to harrasing someone by attacking their reputation and is shocked when hes threatened with being sued. how did he get into colledge in the first place.
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