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    Hey, fellow techwizards. i will be a sophmore in high school this sept. I have to do a paper due nov. on viruses, what they are, how they are made, how to safeguard against, and how some of the first got started, etc. I would greatly appreciate any information you have to offer on any of these broad topics. Links, info, books, etc. thanks ahead of time.

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    Obviously we won't come out and give all the info for you....

    Use google.com and search for "virus", "anti-virus", "sub7", "worms", and "trojans"

    Also, go to these two major company sites for anti-virus. They have great info on viruses.
    www.mcafee.com - www.norton.com

    Look also for a guide/tutorial called "Black Book of Virus"

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    well at least he had ambition enough to type out a request, even get online and post it
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