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Thread: Ant-iAmerican-ism

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    alright... disclaimer... this post is primarily directed towards people who live in america because they will understand where i am coming from... but is it just me or has it become really easy since 9/11 to get called anti american?

    at work, i was speaking with a coworker and said that i am opposed to the death penalty. they responded with "you mean except for osama bin laden" and i said no... in general i oppose the death penalty at all times for all people. they responded with and i quote "If you hate our country so much, then why don't you leave." to which a few other coworkers agreed.

    example 2:
    i was discussing with my mother, my policy on warfare (which i think should be avoided at all costs) and i made a statement about saying we shouldn't risk the lives of our troops in wars that don't concern us. she also responded with, "If you hate our country so much, then why don't you leave."

    now please don't turn this thread into a discussion of the opinions in the examples for they are just examples. but is it just me or has any one else found this happening to them
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    ill bet you get beat up allot, huh? j/k

    i havn't been accussed of being un-american since i was in school, i grew out of it. maybe its the people your approching, who may have been accussed of being un-american when they were younger and feel a need to pass it on. my father used to tell me the exact same thing though, "If you hate our country that much, then leave!" i guess its a never ending story.

    when i speak against the things our country is doing, i make it very clear, im doing so as an american (not holding the 'red book' or anything like that) and would like very much for us to uphold the ideals of our founding fathers. That would include wars in which we don't belong.
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    Hey, I'm about as patriotic as they come. My office has a HUGE copy of the Dec. of Ind. and the Bill of Rights on its walls and I'm here to say that we ALL have a right to our opinions and a right to disagree with government policies if we so choose. Thats part of what this country was founded on. Your mom (no offense intended here) and co-workers need to understand that their attitudes are un-american, not yours. Hundreds of thousands of good Americans have died defending our rights, and what has beed said to you quite frankly could be viewed as dishonoring their memories. JMHO.
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    All I can say is this. To question your goverment actions (any goverment) does not mean you hate your country. This means you question if all valid reasons were asked and attempted before military action by those you elected. A small man with lots of american money (not gonna even say the name) as he has no honor but wants the world to bow to Mecca don't think so. So we have all this iut here warnings of cyber war and yet our goverment plays catch up cause public secotr jobs are no top dollar. So I say question things it is your right and duty as an American. Are there other answers yes stand tall and be brave and ask those questions, but also understand that your gonna take hits for it. Me am old no one asked me anything after all you know this world and me I know the world I walk in and add ,y little things out here. World change one person at a time and it can change into good or bad the world you wish for your children.
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    Lord dark,

    I dont think that your observations are restricted to your fellow americans. i think we have all noticed on here a certain amount of Patriotic fervour at even the slightest hint of questioning or open discussion of U.S affairs.
    It seems there is a lot of hyper-sensetivity about people being viewed as 'Un-American' by their thoughts, questions or ideas. it's interesting to see the reporting of the George Michael video ban on your side of the 'pond'. As the Video also deeply satirised H.M Queen Elizabeth (Gawd bless 'er Non-Tax paying soul) and our prime minister i was surprised at the amount of controversy there was over the 'U.S' targets of the video. Maybe all a product of the current mind set's that you mention.
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    To lots of americans, patriotism is almost a kind of religion, that scares me. Some people tend to abuse religions - that scares me even more.
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    well warfare to my oppinion is a poinless stupid way to waste human life.. in war.. nobody wins.. everyone looses.. BUSH is asking for LOTS of trouble with his "amma gonna bomb and destroy the axis if evil" sounds like them old High Priests back in the dark ages with all them witch hunts..

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    Just people practicing on of our American right's , Iwould say lord dark.I am against our country being involved in other countries war,s.But not against the death penalty. And thats why america is so great,we can express our views freely.Withour fear of being shot for it. I grew up during the vietnam era,so my views on war are going to be a tad different than the younger generation's are now.War's are a part of history, weather they be needfull or useless.Inoocents die during war's.But there have only been a few rare inacident's of a "innocent " dieing by exacution in this country.I dont like the fact our country gets involved in other countries conflict's any more than any other American does.But 911 was a evil thing that happend just as what timothy mcviegh did.Innocent people died,so that a group of terroist could make a point.And for that reason I see why America and the other great countries are involved in this war.911 Was'nt just a attack against America,it was a attack against ALL religions,All colors, All races,and against ALL people of the world.

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    Re: Ant-iAmerican-ism

    Originally posted here by lord_darkside_x
    alright... disclaimer... this post is primarily directed towards people who live in america because they will understand where i am coming from... but is it just me or has it become really easy since 9/11 to get called anti american?
    I would imagine that more or less extreme patriotism is a fairly normal way to react after a thing like 9/11. At times of war people always turns all patriotic and I guess that the harder the actual enemy and the immediate danger is to define the more patriotic people become.
    I would also imagine that the Bush-administration does very little to change this behaviour amongst people. Then again, why would they?

    I think however that the development is scary because *I belive* that patriotism is a very narrow minded thing.

    I'm swedish all the way. Several generations back. Yet I feel nothing for my country because a countrys greatness is defined by it's people. I've never quite understood what's so good about any country to be frank.

    I demand my right to feel just as proud of the cherry blossoms in Japan as the swedish arcipelago or the niagra falls.

    World citizens unite!

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    I'm not a very "patriotic" person. I feel uncomfortable with
    loud expressions of national pride, flag-waving and the like.
    But I would definitely fight if I felt threatened. Fear is a great
    motivating factor for war. If there was a militant Islamic
    country nearby, and they were constantly sending
    assassins and hit squads into my home town,
    If they were threatening to outlaw my quiet practice
    of my own chosen religious faith, if gangs of them were marauding
    and raping and blowing stuff up...

    Pity the people in disputed regions like Bosnia-Herzogovina
    or Kashmir or the Sudan because war is imposed upon
    them whether they wanted it or not.

    Before the outbreak of WWII, Americans were having the same
    discussions as we are having now, with the majority being
    against getting involved in the European war. "War never
    solves anything" ; "There's two sides to the story"; same
    arguments as today, and perfectly reasonable.

    It is also perfectly reasonable to doubt whether the Government
    is playing straight with us and telling us the truth.

    OK, so let's say we decide that support for Israel was bad policy
    and we discontinue that support. Does anyone really think this
    would protect the USA from further attacks? So we sell them out
    and let the Arabs finish what Hitler started, would this act of cowardice
    earn respect from the Islamic world, or would it whet their
    appetite for more blood?

    Who's next on their hit list? India? You bet. The Philippines? why not?
    They want world domination, and the only way to stop them
    is to stand there with a gun and say "Enough is enough"
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