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Thread: Pop-Up FAQs....

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    Pop-Up FAQs....

    hey JP.. why not make a pop-up for NEW members the moment they sign in or something.... and the Pop up has links to AO FAQs.. and other FAQs, so they could read it b4 they start posting.. just a thought.

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    Now that's a brilliant idea, s0nIc.

    Additionally, perhaps each new member could be taken to an actual page which covers all of the FAQs, once he/she decides to post. Once they are on this page, in order to proceed any further they would have to click on a special link or button located on the bottom of the page.....thus ensuring that they read all of the FAQs.

    Just an extra idea.

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    that would be way too annoying

    like the stupid microsoft disclaimer when you first install nt or someting. I just end up scrolling to the bottom of the page, not taking the time to read the small print in the middle saying that if I install Winders...I make a pact with Satan himself...maybe that explains all the bugs in Windows...I knew Bill Gates was evil...
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    yes s0nic that is a good idea it would*hopefully* stop all the poitless posting asking how 2 hack etc
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    It's a good idea. Unfortunately the FAQ's aren't typed in l337 so the chances of a script kiddie or noob reading them is slim to none. If there are script kiddies out there, they will be filtered out by AP's. That is what they are here for.
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