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Thread: IRC help please :)

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    IRC help please :)

    Is there anyway I can change just like one persons text in IRC so that I can have easier reading? I want to have like one person blue one black one dark purple one red and so fourth so I can read between the lines easier. I know I can change everyones and everything but is there a way to do like AIM and change one persons?

    ~the very annoyed RPG'er

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    What IRC Client are you running? Read _what's your script, Jack?_

    I don't know of the Default mIRC client being able to do that, but perhaps another client (such as pIRCh or BitchX) may be able to, or a special scripted version of mIRC. Personally, I've not worked with mIRC enough to figure it out... my thing has always been X-Chat for Linux.
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    If you where using mIRC, then I know it's possible, but it would mean that you'd end up with a tuti-fruti look...

    Good luck

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    i know you can with KVSIRC, its in preferences, i think.

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    in mIRC, which I assume you are using, it is possible, but it will take some work. You have to write a script to do it. There may be one out there, but I haven't seen it. Try searching for one, or just write your own.
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    My favorite is by default in BitchX, if someone includes your name it turns bright yellow. So if someone says "Louie: I think your an ass and should be banned forever" It's easy to see.....but then again you also see the following "Quad: Your almost as mean as Louie"

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    For anyone that still wants to know, you can make any persons posts automatically be highlighted in mIRC by going to Tools > Options . Click the + sign next to IRC , then click Highlight . Click add In Highlight lines which contain these words: box type the nickname of the person you want to highlight. select the highlight color. Under Match on: select nickname only click OK . Make sure enable highlighting is selected and click OK. Good luck!

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