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Thread: We are the new big swingin d1<k5 of this firm.

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    We are the new big swingin d1<k5 of this firm.

    This is for all the digitally enhanced people. Those who are unique. The ones who I would like to call, elite. Computer Geeks in general seriously kick ass.

    -=Hi 5=-
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    Am sorry i this an ad for your web site? Elete I am not that either nor do I kick ass. Mainly I tend to a network and about 47 users that want to do their job and make a living and for unknown reasons usually user error their computer is not working. Geeks is a PR job a people to people job you fix their problems so they can work, kick ass nope is a full time job and to many bad guys and lame users there is little glamor in IT in the real world just up time and production time. No magic in that really
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    Evilseed I don't really understand what you trie to say. That's because i'm dutch I think , but what do you mean?!? :s
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    Neel, I don't think it's because you're Dutch... I think it's because EvilSeed's post is nonsensicle. It looks like a plug for his web site (which should have been in his signature, had he bothered to ensure that it wasn't too long). Personally, I think he needs to work on his manners first of all (the title to the thread isn't all that appropriate) and then give up trying to plug his web site like this. No one likes spam.


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