Ok I know I had posted this in the Web Development forum but after talking to a few peps it seems like there is no easy way to get it moved (no mods in WD) so am being forced to double post You can see the original here

Originally posted here by valhallen
I haven't written anything for a while so I thought i'd do YET ANOTHER Flash Tutorial
In this tutorial I'll describe how to make an old movie style effect like the one seen here in my web-site intro...am afraid however that due to a hosting problem the rest of the site is down atm but I hope to get it back up very soon
Anyways on with the tutorial

  1. Create you flash movie
  2. Insert a new layer above the rest used in your movie
  3. Create a new movie clip and name it speckles
  4. Create another new movie clip and call it dots

Ok now in the speckles movie clip draw well your speckles obviously - not too many as you don't want your movie to look too crowded.....

Do the same for the dots movieclip

  • Now place both movieclips in your new layer outside of the movie....
  • Click on speckles and give it an instance name - I'll just call it speckles again
  • Open the actions panel and insert this actionscript....

 if (this._name<>"speckles"){
don't forget to change the instance name in bold to whatever you have called it and the numbers in blue[/color] to the dimensions of your movie clip

now you need to create another new movieclip name it actions
this movieclip does not need anythign inside it as it will simply control our speckles action.

Place a copy of actions in the layer outside of the movie same as you have done for speckles and open the actions panel
insert this actionscript

 for (l=0; l<=2; l++)
 _root.speckles.duplicateMovieClip( "speckles"+l, l+1);
 if (l=2){
remember once again to change the name in bold

  • Now just do the same for the dots movie clip
  • You will need a new action movieclip as well tho

!! Remember to change the instance letter in the actionscript !!

the instance letter is in blue and needs to be different for each movieclip!

Also by changing the number in green you can alter the number of copies of the movieclip that appear on screen at any one time.

well hope somebody found this of use =^_^=