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    Ok these are just 2 lil flash tuts so am gonna double them up and post both of them together - just don't wanna do to many reposts

    oh and please check out the links to the original posts as some of the replies contain some useful info.....

    Originally posted here by valhallen
    Heres an easy way to increase the number of hits on a counter...
    could enable you to make your site look more popular or just to make some one elses less acurate, not that you would want to do either of those things of course

    right lift the code for the counter out of the sites source and paste it into a new txt document and save it as .htm

    create a new movie in flash with a keyframe in about frame 16 (if you are operating at 8 frames per sec) and under frame actions put

    ifFrameLoaded (1) {
    getURL ("where\you\save\the\page.htm", "_self");

    the bit in bold change to the addy of the page you have saved on your HD

    now put the flash movie in your saved counter page

    now every 2 secs the counter will register a new hit every time flash reloads the page
    however this only works with web based counters such as those provided by bravenet.com and it will only work if the counter is a hit counter not a visit counter

    Originally posted here by valhallen
    I just came across this at flashkit and thought a few of you might be intrested.

    Make a button and add the following action using Release to trigger it:

    On (Release)
    Get URL ("java script:window.external.AddFavorite('http://www.yoursite.com','Friendly Site Name')")
    End On

    I have discovered however that this code does not work in Flash 5 but all it took was a few simple changes

    on (release) {
    getURL ("javascript:window.external.AddFavorite('http://www.your webaddy.com','Your website name')");

    now u can create a button that lets people bookmark your site directly from flash

    hmmmmmm but what would happen if u placed the code within

    ifFrameLoaded (1) {

    tags? heh annoying bookmark site pop-up >_<; don't do it!


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    I have to say that was an interesting read. Keep it up.

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