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Thread: Search the Web Anonymously

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    Search the Web Anonymously

    I found this out to be pretty cool.
    First go to bboc.victor.cc.ca.us
    Then click login
    On the left hand side there will be a "preview" button. Click on it It will then Log you in as a guest. On the left there will be a little text box thats says go. type in the website you want to access it will then take you to google and you can have fun from there. just search for the website and click on it and your bouncing off bboc's server.
    Have Fun.

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    its not completely annonymous, it still auto-logged me in at AO. Cool find though.

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    do those things really work?

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    While this adds a layer of misdirection it is not anonymous. Therefore if you are thinking of doing anything stupid (i.e. malicious) think again. Of course if you are thinking of doing anything malicious you should be stopping, taking a long look at your attitude, and then changing it

    However, jumping off other servers, or other systems can muddy a trail.
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    just for reference sake.. here are two that are free and easier.

    http://www.phantomip.com/ just type in your url at the top of the page
    http://www.myshield.com/ same thing but it's easier to see where you type in the url

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    i went to bboc.victor.cc.ca.us, clicked logon>>preview.
    did a search for blackcode, went to their networkservices page and it showed me my own ip.
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