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Thread: IT Anthems

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    IT Anthems

    Actual Anthems from well known companies. SGI's anthem is my person fav...

    I have a dream, and it's two CPUs
    What this will mean, is no more desktop blues
    Modelling and rendering, designing analysing
    I have one dream and it's called two CPUs.

    I have a dream, and it's called a crossbar switch
    What this will mean,is no big data glitch
    Peer-to-peer, have no fear
    Get data in and out of here
    Just with the flip of a switch
    I have a dream and it's called a crossbar switch

    Just sit me down right in front of you
    And show me all the things that I can do!
    I won't miss a trick, with your point and click
    You make me feel inspired!
    I can set the world on fire!!!!

    I have a dream, and it's called a graphics pipe
    It really works and it's not just PC hype!
    Texturing convolving, visual revolving,
    Any media type
    I have a dream, I have a dream,
    I have a dream and it's called...
    A graphics piiiii-iiiiipE

    More here...

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    hehe Nice find! There are some pretty good anthems there. It's really cool to listen to them. :-) I like SGI's as well. It's very creative.


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