OK, first thanks for reading this. Here's the deal... I'm taking a college class over this summer (Computer Networking), we have a week to build a LAN (not a problem), then use that LAN to "hack" into our professor's laptop which is sitting on the other side of the room to download a video file off a disk in his CD Drive and is hooked up to a wireless LAN (only computer on the LAN, so basically its internet access via the wireless) anyways... We have a *possible* IP address that was left on a computer from a previous class... other than that we have nothing to go on. Couple of details here... he has a Cisco wireless system, if it was LinkSys I might have an idea how to access it because I have a LinkSys wireless network, other than that, I have no experience in anything realted to this. This has got to be one of the best assignments I have ever had in a college class! (if I knew how to do it ) Anyways, sorry for being longwinded and thanks for any help you can give me! Side note.... project due on Thurs. Thanks again!