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    How do I.....

    OK, first thanks for reading this. Here's the deal... I'm taking a college class over this summer (Computer Networking), we have a week to build a LAN (not a problem), then use that LAN to "hack" into our professor's laptop which is sitting on the other side of the room to download a video file off a disk in his CD Drive and is hooked up to a wireless LAN (only computer on the LAN, so basically its internet access via the wireless) anyways... We have a *possible* IP address that was left on a computer from a previous class... other than that we have nothing to go on. Couple of details here... he has a Cisco wireless system, if it was LinkSys I might have an idea how to access it because I have a LinkSys wireless network, other than that, I have no experience in anything realted to this. This has got to be one of the best assignments I have ever had in a college class! (if I knew how to do it ) Anyways, sorry for being longwinded and thanks for any help you can give me! Side note.... project due on Thurs. Thanks again!

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    An intro to networking class where you are supposed to hack the teachers box.....suuuuuuure.
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    Well, in my PC support and services OS class, we had to try and hack into the other students win2k boxs on a workgroup. It was fun, I owned half the class and logged them all off and locked them out of their computers.

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    why dont you walk over to the profs pc and share the directory the video is in?

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    If it is an assignment then he must have give *some* directions on how to do it. I suggest you use those directions and edit/delete your post if you wish to continue using antionline. The folks here are nice and helpful for the most part, but they won't help you hack anything. If not, then I am afraid you've come to the wrong place to learn how to hack something. Good luck with your assignment.
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