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Thread: What's the best AV?

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    I have been able to use both NAV (at home) and McAfeeAV (at work) and from what I have noticed, there is a significantly higher performance hit with using McAfee as opposed to NAV.
    Other than that, I don't really see an advantage to using either or.

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    Depending on what you will be installing it on I recommend Trend Micro for networks and workstations. I find Norton a resource hog.

    For a home computer anything that offers regular updates will do.


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    i cant be bothered to type it all out again so look at my other postings in the AV section

    the best is e trust amor suit

    other good ones are panda norman f secure avg.
    yes these are less advertised thatn macafee and nortans but dont think that they must be crap because you have not heard of them

    in my opinion nortans and sophos are the worst money can buy (u guys arn't serious about acctully paying money for software are u)

    but read my other threads for more depth on why these ones

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