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Thread: C++ Project

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    C++ Project

    Anybody has a good suggestion for a C++ project.i was thinking abt makin a mail client in c++. can anyone help me with that

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    Anybody has a good suggestion for a C++ project.i was thinking abt makin a mail client in c++. can anyone help me with that
    There is an open source version of a POP3 mail client called Pheonix Mail, and it's available at:

    Maybe you can get good ideas from that If it's *NIX, a ton of programs are under the GPL and you can get source for POP3 clients from many sources.

    I wish you the best of luck in your project.

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    i trust that you have your own ideas for this. But wouldn't it be better if you did almost all of this yourself? Blah. Good luck with this. I agree with alittlebitnumb that link will give you an idea of what a pop3 client looks like. so you can form your own source from that. Good luck again.

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    What kind of programming experience do you have? That makes a difference. Also, what are you planning on developing for, Win32 or *nix? What's the project for? School or just a summer project? I can give you some good ideas, but I need some more info.


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    Most of my own programming projects, aside from class assignments, started out just as something I needed or I could use for my own personal use, because if you could use it you'd be surprised at how many others would find it useful too.

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    dear AJ
    i have studied C/C++, and also comer's book on tcp/ip etc and i also have some knowledge of data structures and i am aslo trying to read network programming.(cud u suggest any good books for that).i am developing this project for my college as i have to make one in the next sem but i am not well versed with network programming so i wanted to make a mail client. i also want to develop it for win32 but *nix solutions are also welcome.

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    OH, NO...
    Not another mail client...

    for Unix there are atleast 100 console and propably a 1000 graphical mail clients in everyday use..

    Why would you make a new one from scratch.. The only reason I can think of is getting more experience..
    Well in that case, good luck ; )
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