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Thread: Win32 port of Dsniff

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    Question Win32 port of Dsniff

    Hi All

    I'm having some problems getting the Win32 port of the dsniff tools to work under Win2K or Windows XP.
    I've downloaded the tools from:

    I've also installed WinPcap version 2.3 (for WinNT/2K)

    And, lastly I've also downloaded LibNetNT:

    Everything seems to be ok, but when I run the dsniff tool, I get an error saying "cannot determine the network type".

    I know it's meant to work, based on the following:

    Is there something I'm missing ?


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    Missed ?

    I went to the site you listed and noted that it said you also need "libnids-win32" in addition to WinPCAP, have you downloaded and installed that.

    I have not tried installing these tools yet so this is the best I can do for you at the moment.

    Hope it helps.

    OK it appears you only need those files if you are going to recompile them.

    I downloaded Dsniff (urlsnarf etc) from the same site you did. Copied them to a folder on C drive and ran them from the command prompt. Dsniff was waiting but I did not send any test logins to the machine so have not verified it is working. urlsnarf is definitely working well.
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