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Thread: Risk & Penetration testing

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    Question Risk & Penetration testing

    Hello all,
    Just wondereing if anyone out there can tell me what is involved in a Risk Assessment and a Penetration test, are there certain techneques? and also what do they cost how do they differ? etc all the help I get the better. Thanks in advanced.

    Regards HYBR|D

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    I am assuming you are looking for those services. I would consider risk assessment to be limited to scanning for open ports, server versions, etc, but then writing a report about what risks are out there (what is vulnerable and needs to be patched or the security tightened) and stopping there, leaving the possibility of things like false positives or un-exploitable positives (for example a bad script might still be there but the permissions won't let the exploit rwork)...

    Penetration testing would continue past the point of risk assessment by taking it a step further and actually seeing if the detected risk could be used to gain unauthorized access to the system and if so how much...

    The above is how I have always considered things, the 'real' definition is probably slightly different but along those lines.

    Hope this helps,

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    Risk assessment is actually more about evaluating the security needs vs acceptable risks vs costs: going around evaluating the importance confidentiality, integrity, availability.

    For example, for an e-commerce site, the web services (web server...) would be rated on a scale of 1 to 10 (for example) on each criteria (confidentiality, integrity, availability). The sum of those relfects how much that system needs protection and in what ways...

    For the e-commerce site it would probably be something like: C:5, I:7, A:10
    while someother's buisness with a presentation page only could be like: C:1, I:5, A:2

    Then you'd go about analysing the layout of the network and re-designing with your previous evaluation in mind...

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    Thankyou very much, so much help in so little time..

    how much are these services?

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    No problem!

    As far as cost, can't help you much on that...

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    It is best to ignore people like bigdick4yourMOM, all they want is attention and bring valid threads to the toilet. Can everybody say ??

    As for the penetration and risk assesment tests, I am pretty sure you can do that for relatively low cost if you do not hire any outside help. Correct me if I am wrong, but can risk and penetration tests include a port scanner or security assesment software? I have seen free ones that do pretty well...

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    Since this is what i do for a living, I have a little insight into how we price out pentests. WE charge around 20K for a full blown external pen test. This includes a cd with all of your known exposures as well as the links to do a hot patch. In my opinion this is a better method than handing someone a phonebook with all of their discovered holes in their network. However, risk assess and pen tests from other large known companies can differ in pricing on many different factors including:

    How many ingress points into your network
    size of your network in nodes
    how in depth you would like the scope to be (executive report, or the 4000 page phone book)

    Be prepared to spend anywhere from 40-80k with these large firms.
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