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Thread: Wal-Mart and Mandrake-Linux

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    Post Wal-Mart and Mandrake-Linux

    I want to apologize in advance if this has been posted before...

    Well, you all heard of Lindows pre-installed on Wal-Mart PC's. Now, Mandrake-Linux is doing the same thing. Here's the story: Mandrake Linux News

    Now, we are talking... now the mainstream consumer can have a choice of OS's. I am really excited to see open source OS's being available, but is *NIX ready for the mainstream, especially the layman?

    Also, since there are more than one distribution available for purchase, will others follow like RedHat, Debian or even more advanced OS's like FreeBSD?

    Lastly, with the over-abundance of Windows users, is there a chance the big idea could falter with the "Avoid open source like the plague" banner?

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    I'll be holding onto my cash untill I see them selling computers with SuSE onboard. I don't think that too many average computer users are going to be concerned about open source, they just want to be protected from viri and other internet nasties, so they will probably like the idea of a OS that is pretty resilient to viri.
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    Talking Good News

    I think this is good news. Yes, some of your concerns are well founded. Some mainstream users will find it more difficult to use Linux than Windows. However, Linux has progressed to the point where it is quite useable without too much guru tweaking. Working inside the GUI there are some frustrating gotchas awaiting those new to the *nix system. However, as long as user groups maintain high profile and helpful attitudes an influx of new users can only help the community as a whole.

    This may also send a message to Redmond that they need to get their act in gear more. Their trend toward rented software is driving many people to consider alternatives when poor releases and questionable business practices did not.

    The one big negative I see that could come out of this is a reverse publicity if WalMart starts getting a high percentage of returns and pulls the line as not marketable. Then Windows will have a true media coup on their hands.
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    Topic already mentioned yesterday: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hlight=lindows

    I also wanted to point out this quote:

    Originally posted http://www.antionline.com/showthread...threadid=86848 by souleman
    umm, ok, not sure why I even looked at this, but I wanted to point out one thing to everyone here who loves to cut and paste.....

    AntiOnline has paid royalties to this article's originator, and/or is reproducing it here with their written consent.
    Cutting and pasting an entire copywritten article is illegal without the proper consent. Sometimes, even a portion of the article is illegal. It is better to give a brief overview and a link for eveyone to check if they are interested.

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    Who knows.......

    Thanks for the post, I had not heard about this. It will be interesting to see if this takes off or not. Personally, I think the biggest market for these will be households that already have at least 1 system, and a Linux enthusiast/curious person within. I don't think too many people are going to switch over just because they might be fed up with Windows, especially the light/novice users. Then again I could be wrong................not the first time, heh. What do you guys think?

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    Joey_Batch_File, thanks for the heads up for the article already being out there.

    Also, I'll edit the thing to just have the link, so others will not go into such an uproar about it. As others know in here, I respect copyrights and I will remember the rule next time.

    Please forgive the mistake.

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    Originally posted here by Joey_Batch_File
    Topic already mentioned yesterday: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hlight=lindows

    I also wanted to point out this quote:

    you don't have to memorize the whole AO website. WOW...

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    you don't have to memorize the whole AO website.
    Well, in Joey's defense, redundant posts can be a real pain... it was my mistake for not searching the forums first.

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    Originally posted here by alittlebitnumb
    Well, in Joey's defense
    I wasn't saying it was a bad post. I was just suprised on how he presented the information to you. You know, I would have been real grateful if someone put the facts like that in front of me prior to some of my negs. I think you deserve some AP's for that Joe, sorry I can't help you there, but. Kudos on the post...

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    I wasn't saying it was a bad post
    >shakes head< It was not a matter of being a bad or good post, it was just presented upside down and haphazardly on my part. No biggie

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