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    New Definition of Hacker Attack

    This artical is a copy from http://www.thetechplanet.com

    Wearable Computer With Body Armor Created

    FAIRFAX, VA and CENTRAL LAKES, MI, May 30, 2002 -- Xybernaut Corporation (NASDAQ: XYBR) and Second Chance Body Armor announced today a Teaming Agreement for the co-marketing of Xybernaut's Tactical Wearable Computer integrated within Second Chance Body Armor for military and law enforcement applications. Second Chance's ballistics armor experts are working with Xybernaut on tactical wearable computing solutions under the agreement.

    The companies are world leaders within their respective market sectors. The integration of Xybernaut wearable computers with Second Chance Body Armor is a development that protects not only the wearer of the armor but further hardens the wearable computer for tactical use. Under terms of the agreement, Xybernaut and Second Chance Body Armor will work together utilizing business and technical resources of both parties to insure the successful integration and sales of their products and services.

    Domestic applications of this technological innovation in the post 9-11 era are myriad, from nuclear power plants to seaport, airport and building security. Wearers will be able to 'see' their environment, store information, communicate, record and stream video and large amounts of data, operate sensor devices, geo-spatial position and facilitate unprecedented command and control all while operating hands free/weapons ready - and now, they are 'bullet proof'.

    Second Chance body Armor is the largest volume manufacturer of body armor in the United States market currently and protects such notable security forces as the Capitol Hill Police (DC) and Secret Service, as well as SWAT teams and police departments throughout the U.S. Xybernaut wearable computers are used in military applications such as the U.S. Army Smart Sensor Web program at Fort Benning, Georgia and are being used in a variety of law enforcement applications including patrol officers, SWAT, correctional facility management, school safety and facility security.

    Initial units of Xybernaut wearable computers integrated with Second Chance Body Armor have already been shipped to several customers and will now be used in a major defense contractor's Emergency Tactical Response Vehicle now touring the country.

    "The Xybernaut/Second Chance wearable computer and armor is the 'first responders' tip of the spear, first on the scene, gathering data, communicating, and integrating response efforts, 'taking charge' in emergency situations," stated Edward G. Newman, chairman, president and CEO of Xybernaut. "Now, the computer and wearer are more fully protected themselves. Xybernaut is very pleased with this formal teaming agreement, which culminates over a year of effort. We conducted a dutiful search for the best body armor to protect America's finest, which will wear the best wearable computers. We have winners all around in this solution," said Newman.

    "I concur," stated Dr. Aaron Westrick, spokesperson for Second Chance Body Armor. "The tactical wearable computer is a very useful advantage to the street cop or the soldier. Second Chance Body Armor saved my life. Now, the Xybernaut tactical wearable computer can be bullet proof too!"

    About Xybernaut Corporation
    Xybernaut Corporation is the leading provider of wearable/mobile computing hardware, software and services. The company, which pioneered wearable computing, brings communications and full-function computing power in a hands-free design to people when and where they need it. Headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, Xybernaut has offices and subsidiaries in Europe (Germany) and Asia (Japan).
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    There's a somewhat-related article at Technology Review which discusses a new suit being designed for the U.S. Army by M.I.T.

    As the U.S. Special Forces unit approaches the enemy compound, a sentry shouts an alarm and the soldiers duck beneath a hail of gunfire. The point man drops to the ground and stretches a flap of his battle suit in front of him; with the push of a button it hardens into an instant shield. Two commandos move left, away from the forest cover into a rocky outcropping. As they move, the browns and greens of their camouflage change to shades of gray. Two move right, but one man is hit in the leg. Immediately, sensors relay information about his injury and location to field headquarters, where doctors instruct his suit to administer painkillers, apply pressure to the wound, and harden into a cast around his leg. Sensors tell HQ which soldier is closest to the wounded man; new orders and the target's position appear on the rescuer's heads-up display. To reach his comrade, the soldier must cross 20 feet of open ground—which he does with a single leap through the air.
    Read all about the Soldier of Tomorrow


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    FAIRFAX, VA and CENTRAL LAKES, MI, May 30, 2002 -- Xybernaut Corporation (NASDAQ: XYBR) and Second Chance Body Armor announced today a Teaming Agreement for the co-marketing of Xybernaut's Tactical Wearable Computer
    So a wearable computer would mean soldiers could play games and browse internet porn sites instead of fighting wars.

    Attached is a pic of the army’s 1337 geek strike force. Proudly showing enemy country’s whose boss at counter strike.
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    It is only useful for checks on the go, very scifi. Or almost Minority report.
    This tech could only really be used for saftey or law enforcement, very useful in war for
    linking commands to soilders.
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