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Thread: Feds Devise Computer Security Program

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    Post Feds Devise Computer Security Program

    Many hard working public service employees that may not work for top dollar have released information that for the general public and most systems may be very useful. As usual MS is off doing it's own thing. http://apnews.excite.com/article/200...D7KQ8C5G0.html just ran across this at the many sites I keep up with.
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    ...a small program that probes computers for known security flaws and makes suggestions on how to eliminate holes used by hackers.
    What is that? Do they mean a vulnerability scanner?
    Experts at the CIS, the NSA and Commerce's National Institute for Standards and Technology had three different candidates for standards at first. On April 18, the authors met in a room at NIST offices in Maryland.

    "They were told they could leave as soon as they came to an agreement," said Alan Paller of the Sans Institute, a research and education group involved in the announcement.
    LOL, does anybody else think thats funny? That's hilarious.
    The Pentagon, National Security Agency and other agencies will join with private partners Wednesday in announcing the security standards for computers that run Microsoft's Windows 2000. The operating system is commonly used by businesses and government
    Does that annoy anybody else? So many servers have few exploits, and yet they use win2k to get their sites up and running. I mean, they should know that windows has so many exploits available. Why do they use windows? I dunno, but that pisses me off. They shouldn't be cavalier with private info.

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    and now for something completely different......... you read/hear about the H.O.P.E. (hackers of planet earth) convention? gotta hand it to the cdc once again they've outdone themselves... the 6/4 project is by far the best security prog ive even heard of to date...... who needs that gov't junk that'll probably be full of spyware and other junk. id trust a hacker with my comp before the gov't anyday anytime ...............

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    I don't quite understand this... the NSA already has security guidelines (http://nsa2.www.conxion.com) for Windows 2000 in place (as well as NT 4, Cisco routers, and a few others). Are they just planning on expanding that?


    EDIT: As Terr pointed out (which I didn't notice) my link did not work, so I fixed the link. Thanks for the heads up, Terr

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    www.conxion.com/]You mean these security guidelines?[/url] Looks like the board is doing funky parsing. I blame it on the fact that someone actually made an address of the form x.www.bleh.com, and the board looks for "www." and ignores preceding stuff...

    How much do you want to bet this tool they plan to produce will do a few extra for-the-good-of-our-country things without telling the user?
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