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    Most barrowed code I get from other programers have atleast a bug or two. It helps to look at other programers' code though but just see their mistakes as a chance to blend thier style with your to create a masterpiece. Then print out the code so you can look at it later to study or make it work twice as cool as it already does.

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    It has to be said the best way to learn to program is write programs. Use the source Luke .
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    Just a pick an API you wanna learn and go for it. If you wanna make windows apps, go get a book on the windows API and start writing code.

    Thats the great thing about Linux. If I want to write apps for Xwindows, I have two really good options. These being the GTK (Gnome) and QT (KDE) APIs. Because there are a ton of open source projects available written in GTK and QT, learning the APIs can be a lot easier. Also, there is tons of tutorials and ducumenation available for free on the internet. Reading other peoples code is one of the best ways to learn. Go download some programs that use one of these APIs and figure out how it works.

    I have never tried it, but QT and GTK are also both available for win32, Mac OS X and other platforms.

    Heres some links to get you started:


    Hope that helps.


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    Originally posted here by Wickdgin
    If you have not yet learned classes you may want to do so before trying to get into any GUI stuff. Pointers & classes are a huge part of C++, it is very importaint to get a handle on those. Pointers especially are very tricky for most people, so have some patience for that.
    I have been looking over some of my old text books making sure I have a good knowledge of pointers and classes

    Originally posted here by Wickdgin
    The reason I say this is that GUI libaries such as MFC, GTK, etc - are a collection of classes. In order to use them (and fully understand what your doing) you should have a good understanding of classes and object oriented programming.
    I think I am going to start getting into these after I finish reviewing my text books... and everyone seems to say that the best way to get into this is just doing it :-P

    Originally posted here by Wickdgin
    These are just my thoughts- I just think it would be easier to learn and get a grip on importaint aspects of the language before you get into programming GUI's and such.
    Thanks for your thoughts... Yours and everyone elses have really been helpful

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