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    Hi, i am taking my CNA cert. in a week and i was wondering if anyone had some tips for taking the test, any good test topics etc etc. I am taking the 560 test btw and hope to get my CNE in a year or two (we can all dream)


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    good luck i guess.
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    when you go in the testing room, I'm pretty sure you're gonna have a paper and pencil. As soon as you sit down, Jot down as many things as you need to remember for the test. I did that when taking the A+. I jotted down all the IRQ's as fast as I could so I wouldn't forget them. heh.

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    OK here's a tip.

    tip no 1.

    remember all those DOS commands for mapping drives. and get the syntax right in your mind.

    tip no 2.

    get to know login scripts they will be invaluable.

    tip no 3.

    remember all the NLMs you had to use in the course (assuming you took it)

    Tip no 4.

    If you have a spare PC, build it as a netware 5 server, and play with it, create accounts, mess about with login scripts, set policies, and generally have a good play. Also play with the remote management console, and the web services functionality

    Tip No 5.

    Relax and have fun, the exam isn't that hard, if you have a year or so's experience with NW 4 or 5 you'll walk it. (also unless things have changed in the last year it's not adaptive)

    but most importantly .....

    Don't be intimidated by the little sod that does the whole exam in about 5 minutes, grins at you, cracks his knuckles, and saunters off. (I wanted to murder that guy)

    Good luck, and let us know how you got on.


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    Thanks a lot for the tips man, greatly appreciated. My test is tomorrow at noon and ive been cramming for a long time for it, and yea i did take a year course at my local career center, it was a good course (for NetWare 5) i did pretty well too. But i guess everything changes in the lil test taking room ha, o well, i have the prometric coupon things i guess if i dont pass it the first time (which i should) i still have one more 55 dollar test so its all good. yea, ill post how i did tomorrow, Thank you all!


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